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How to Pick the Best Facial Serum Formula

Facial serum and facial lotions sometimes go hand in hand like peanut butter and jelly; both are much better when used together, right? When you’re wondering what the best facial serum for your particular skin type and when exactly would a facial serum be most effective, then sharing it with you all in the world is here to help. I have personally used many different kinds of facial lotions, scrubs, and serums and have found that most are designed to do one specific thing that may not be the most beneficial to everyone. I will tell you here what it is that I personally like, and which facial products work best for me.

The first step that I always take in finding the best face serum is to figure out my skin type. Am I, for example, oily or dry? Or do I just have normal skin, or are my pores irregular? Knowing your own skin type can help you choose the right products for your type. Once you know which skin type you have, then you can start looking for the right product for you.

Next, I look to find a serum that is designed for my particular skin texture. There are many different kinds of serums available on the market, but not all of them work well for every kind of skin. Some are thick, some are thin, some are oil based, and some are creamier. Which texture would you prefer, a smooth one that is more creamy?

The next thing that you should consider is what effect you want your serum to have. For example, there are many skincare creams and serums that are designed specifically to brighten the complexion. Brightening serums are often high concentration formulas that work to hydrate and even out skin tone. These types of formulas are usually not very expensive, and they are an excellent solution if you are looking for a brighter, fresher face.

However, many times the goal is much different than brightening. Anti-aging serums are designed to reduce the signs of aging, and can be very effective at repairing damage to the skin. An anti-aging serum will typically feature vitamin A derivatives, retinoic acids, hyaluronic acid, and peptides. These compounds are all powerful antioxidants, which help your body fight off free radicals, oxygen molecules that break down collagen, elastin, and other connective tissues, as well as damaging enzymes. While these compounds may not brighten your face like a brightening serum might, they do reduce wrinkles and lines and may even reverse signs of aging.

If I have chosen between the two different types of facial serums that I have looked at, I would choose pressed balm serum formulations over facial lotion. The reason I think that this is the case is that pressing balm serum formulas are designed to absorb quickly into your skin. This is important when you are applying skincare products to reduce the look of wrinkles or to get rid of dry or flaky skin. By absorbing quickly into your epidermis, pressed balm serum formulas will provide noticeable results almost immediately.

However, there are some disadvantages to choosing pressed balm over an emulsion serum. One of the key differences between these two formulas is that an emulsion formula contains oil-based ingredients that are much easier to spread around your face. An emulsion serum works by forming a barrier function that keeps all of the different ingredients from getting into your pores. Because of the way that the ingredients are spread out, however, it can take up to two weeks for an emulsion serum to form, meaning that you will need to apply the product every single day.

Facial serums also vary greatly in terms of their ability to induce a true photoreceptor effect. There are several different forms of keratin protein peptide that have been proven to increase facial serum effectiveness by reducing the amount of time it takes for the skin to absorb moisture and rejuvenate itself. In addition to the peptides, some companies have added grape seed oil, vitamin E, and antioxidants to their formulas. However, while the addition of these natural compounds can make a difference in how quickly your skin can absorb moisture and replenish itself, it is not necessary for good results. As long as the active ingredients in a facial serum contain proven antioxidant and keratin protein peptide complexes, you should be good to go.